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Overcoming Negative Self - Talk Checklist

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Negative thoughts seem inescapable, but what we need to realize is to not try and escape them but to acknowledge them for what they are, just thoughts....
This Checklist will help you  begin with simply observing your thoughts, disassociating yourself from them, writing them down from an objective point of view, and then visualizing a couple of scenarios to contextualize the negative thoughts on the one hand, and the re-framed positive thoughts on the other.

Let’s be honest, we all face the struggles of negative self-talk on a daily basis. In fact, I’m doing a bit of it right now.

'Option A is not available, so lets kick the sh** out of option b'

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 Self-confidence and self-love

 Goal setting and productivity

Motivation, routine, time management and positive habits to adopt

Boundaries, expectation, and communication

 Building a team that best fits your business idea

Network building

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