Do you know when to SHAKE IT UP as a leader?

06 February 2021

Are people becoming too comfortable?

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I'm a Momma, Life Transformation Strategist, Activist, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist dedicated to helping people transform their lives through Intentional Living and Perspective Shifts.


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Do you know when to SHAKE IT UP as a leader?
Are people becoming too comfortable?
Are they taking their roles, positions and responsibility for granted?
Is it time to remind them that although you value them, you also value their contribution? And that it was their potential and your belief in what they had to offer (over their friendship or their sense of entitlement) that got them in the door in the first place?
Yes, great leaders love people.
Yes great leaders value people.
But great leaders also understand people.
If you know that someone is underperforming and/or rotting the nucleus of your team, take action right away!
Don’t be afraid to make things “uncomfortable” for a bit in order to help everyone reset, reestablish and reposition.
A) Ask more questions.
When things are feeling a bit off track, figure out why. How are your people? What’s holding them back? What’s the root cause? Are they having personal issues? Are they in need of some TLC? Figure things out and then look to discover how you can help.
B ) Offer more support.
Do your people have the tools, systems and resources necessary to do their jobs well? Does their skill set and their natural talents and abilities suit the role they are in? Do they enjoy what they do and why (or why not).
C) Recognize talent.
Sometime people just want some good old fashioned recognition. They enjoy hearing that they are valued and that they’re doing a great job! They want to know that you notice their contribution. They want to feel good about their accomplishments, what they bring to the team and the support that they’re offering. Hard work and more importantly results, should go recognized.
D) Make it fun.
Contests anyone? How about some team outings (or virtual meet-ups)? Maybe it’s just daily checkins and hilarious GIFs to keep people amused and enjoying the moment. Have fun. Make your people laugh. Remain approachable and relatable.
E) Provide opportunity to your people.
Is it a new position, a pay raise, increased hours or responsibility that your people are after? Are their desires reasonable? If not, what else do they value and how can you create the win? Can you help them personally if not professionally? There are several ways to reward and value people. It doesn’t always have to be monetary.
At the end of the day, business is business. There are bottom lines to respect and work towards. Organizations need to grow and this can mean adding (or replacing) talent. Always be clear on expectations. Offer guidance and support. Make sure the necessary systems, tools and resources are in place, check in with your people, be honest about how well (or not so well) they’re doing. Then give them the opportunity to measure up! Business is about growth! As the buiness grows, so should it’s people. If they’re not growing, contributing, and raising the performance/caliber of the team then that would mean they’re pulling the team down. Look for the winners! Identify those who value growth. Then help them grow.
G) Don’t be afraid to let go.
There are times when things change and the needs of organizations change. If your people don’t make it a point to grow, then it may be time to let go. As a leader we want to see our people do very well. But if they don’t want it for themselves this is not something we can give them. Attitude, consistency, work ethic and a strong desire for contribution and growth are things that your people must commit to. These things are theirs to own and yours to observe. Set very clear expectations. Be willing to speak up (even about poor performance). In this way if change is necessary, you did your part.
GROWTH is key.
XO Lauren 🤍

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